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Health and Wellness Online

Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration

This program prepares students to become active providers and educators of processes, activities, and programs that promote a longer, healthier, happier and more successful existence. Students learn to view health and wellness as a balance of the mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. The major and certificate explore the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, mental (intellectual), emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, and occupational. Yet, it goes further to examine how these seven dimensions are interrelated and how to use them to build the multiple dimensions of a strong and proactive health and wellness program. Three courses are dedicated to the unique fitness and nutritional needs of children, women, and men and assists students in learning what promotes and enhances the maintenance of good health rather than the correction or treatment of poor health. Students completing this program are prepared to further the missions of health and wellness organizations and help employers meet the objectives of worksite wellness programs.

Health and wellness positions are predicted to grow by 27% as health concerns and healthy living continues to grow in importance in the minds of the American consumer. In the past, these positions were most often associated fitness and nutrition centers or organizations. Furthermore, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) has listed a new type of position that is growing among employers across the nation. SHRM describes this position as a “management-level individual who leads a company’s wellness efforts—defining the wellness mission in an organization and working to improve health and well-being companywide.”

Strength in the wellness job category is leading to strong salaries for graduates of bachelor and certificate programs. SHARM uses the 2010/2011 Survey Report on Human Resources Personnel Compensation to point out that Wellness was one of the top 20 HR positions with the highest percentage increase in compensation from 2009 to 2010 and projected to grow in the future.

Students with associate’s degrees or previous medical and science courses and experience, such as licensed practical nurses, dental hygienists, certified nursing assistants, and other direct healthcare works find that many of their college credits do not transfer into management programs. Yet, these individuals are being required to finish a bachelor’s degree quickly. This major gives healthcare practitioners a powerful option to move into or up in administration or management.

Program Objectives:

1. Apply principles of nutrition in designing food plans over the lifespan to foster a healthy community.
2. Design appropriate physical fitness plans over the lifespan addressing both age and physical ability resulting in a healthy community.
3. Identify appropriate health screening tools/exams fostering health prevention and wellness through early detection.
4. Utilize the seven dimension health/wellness model (Intellectual, Physical, Social/ Cultural, Environment, Occupational, Spiritual and Emotional.
5. Design a comprehensive plan of health and wellness/ fitness/nutrition/health screening utilizing best theories and practices.