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Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies

Why a Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies at Bay Path University?

Students majoring in any program at Bay Path University may work to earn the 22-credit Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies, which is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Students in the Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies program are educated to:

  • Understand the legal profession and its role in our society
  • Think critically and write competently and persuasively about legal issues
  • Use technology to perform legal research and associated tasks
  • Act ethically in their professional and personal lives
  • Act on opportunities for professional growth and continuing education

Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies Course Requirements:

LAW103 Introduction to the American Legal System 3
LAW232 Principles of Litigation 3
LAW240 Legal Research and Writing 3
LAW241 Computer Assisted Legal Research 3
LAW246 Tort Law 3
LAW260 Real Estate Law 3
LAW300 Legal Technologies 1
  Legal Internship or Legal Specialty Elective 3