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Communication is a key professional skill that employers and hiring managers demand in our constantly changing world.

Why Communications at Bay Path University?

In today's digital economy, the field of communications has become more important than ever. This program at Bay Path University focuses on communication as central to the human experience. This approach involves understanding how people behave in creating, exchanging, and interpreting messages. 

The program follows the liberal arts tradition and emphasizes critical thinking, research, analysis, writing and speaking skills. A major in communications teaches you how to combine a convincing argument with the appropriate medium to deliver your message effectively in a variety of settings. 

The degree develops transferable skills that will create a strong foundation for all academic disciplines, and meet the needs of employers and organizations. Students will have the opportunity to develop both the art and science of communication and customize their learning to incorporate other disciplines in the following areas:

  • Mass Communication and Media
  • Interpersonal Communication and Culture
  • Organizational Communication/Public Relations
  • Media, Technology, and Social Communication