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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

Create your own path!

Why Interdisciplinary Studies at Bay Path University?

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree program enables a student to design a course of study with mutually enhancing courses from more than one discipline in which the University has a major or a minor.

Students combine their talents, interests, and curiosity to develop their own knowledge path in life. Students must first show that the desired course of study cannot be met through an existing major offered at Bay Path. Then, students design their custom course load and submit it to the Interdisciplinary Studies chair for approval.

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, students:

  • Work with advisors to design a major
  • Select a minimum of ten courses from chosen disciplines, including three 300/400-level courses, a research methods class and an internship
  • Select a research topic and complete a literature review
  • Submit a capstone portfolio during their senior year, including a graded research paper, journal and reflective paper evaluating their internship experience

I enjoy the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program because it provides me with the freedom to create my own path. One of my passions is Sociology, specifically the idea that different parts of your identity overlap, resulting in different degrees of discrimination and marginalization or different degrees in privilege and dominance. By taking classes in Sociology, Education, Criminal Justice and several other fields, I am designing a major that helps me learn how to create spaces and places that are responsive to all people and their complex identity." - Michelle, Interdisciplinary Studies Major