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Interdisciplinary Studies

Create your own path. When you can’t find a course of study that feels like the perfect fit for you, design one. Major in Interdisciplinary Studies as you earn your BA in Liberal Studies.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies at Bay Path University?

Interdisciplinary Studies enables students to design a unique course of study from complementary, existing courses offered by the University.

You will be combining your talents, interest and curiosity to develop your own knowledge path in life.  Guided by faculty and mentor, you take responsibility for your education.  You will find it will be empowering and rewarding as you become the leader of your future.

Students must first show that the desired course of study cannot be met through an existing major offered at Bay Path. Then, students design their custom course load and submit it to the Interdisciplinary Studies chair for approval.

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you will:

  • Work with advisors from your chosen discipline to design your major
  • Select a minimum of ten courses from your chosen disciplines, including three 300/400-level courses, a research methods class and an internship
  • Select a research topic related to your studies and complete a literature review
  • Submit a capstone portfolio during your senior year, including a graded research paper, journal and reflective paper evaluating your internship experience