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Gain the skills and experience needed for a career in modern science as you earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Why Biology at Bay Path University?

Biology students spend their first two years learning the fundamentals of biological and physical sciences. The next two years are spent completely immersed in the field of biology, with the opportunity to concentrate in a chosen area.

Biology is central to numerous other programs, including biotechnology, biochemistry, and neuroscience.

At Bay Path University, biology classes are small for a reason — to provide the constant opportunity for discussion, exploration and exchange of ideas. As a student in the Biology program, you will:

  • Work closely with faculty on everything from in-class projects to advanced scientific research
  • Integrate lectures and laboratory techniques with hands-on learning
  • Learn how to think objectively and question assumptions
  • Experience a curriculum that incorporates modern technology and tools
  • Develop the skills needed to work collaboratively in a lab setting
  • Gain real-world experience and implement practical theories through internships and world-class facilities
  • Be eligible to participate in the Women in STEM Honors (WiSH) program