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Nonprofit Management Degree

Imagine a career where you can make a difference in the world and earn a living at the same time!

Why Nonprofit Management at Bay Path University?

The Adventure Begins. If you want to serve others, a nonprofit profession could be for you. Nonprofit organizations are businesses and need people who can support their operations and strategic vision. If you are looking to make a positive difference and become part of something bigger, it is a good time to explore and start your career in the nonprofit sector.

There is a need in the nonprofit sector for well trained, compassionate, and educated workers. An undergraduate major in Nonprofit Management is an excellent entrée to a career in the nonprofit sector. There is a wide variety of professional employment positions in the nonprofit sector and demand for specific jobs is strong.

As a Nonprofit Management major, you will:

  • Study nonprofit and voluntary organizations.
  • Learn how to develop, plan, provide and evaluate program services.
  • Learn how to apply effective management and leadership of nonprofit organizations in the twenty-first century.
  • Develop an understanding of philanthropy and its relevance for today’s fundraisers
  • Apply your knowledge by creating solutions to real-world nonprofit problems.
  • Meet women who are leaders in the nonprofit sector and learn about the importance of social enterprise.

You will get to take two graduate-level MS in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy courses as part of this major.