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Advantages of a Women's College

Why attend a women's college?

Women's colleges were founded on the belief that women should have a collegiate education equal to that of men and that by doing so they would become valued in the sciences, arts, and humanities. Bay Path University is committed to remaining an institution solely dedicated to the education of women. We strongly believe that a women's university provides opportunities and experiences that foster competence, creativity and collaboration.  

With our increasingly complex and global world, the success of Bay Path (and other women’s colleges) in the areas of science, technology, and focused disciplines is emphatic and undeniable. At Bay Path, the personal attention, the focus on academics, and the development of the whole person are qualities that are not only timeless, they provide value that stands the test of time.

A Women's College Coalition member, Bay Path is one of a group of colleges committed to educating women. Studies completed by the Women's College Coalition have found that women who attend women's colleges/ universities: 

  • Participate more fully in and out of class
  • Report greater satisfaction with their college experience in almost all measures: academically, developmentally, and personally  
  • Have more successful careers; holding higher positions, increasing their earning power, and finding more satisfaction in their work
  • Score higher on standardized achievement tests
  • Have more opportunities to hold leadership positions and function in top jobs
  • Continue toward doctorates in math, science and engineering in far greater numbers than women who choose to attend a coeducational institution