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Define and refine your personal, educational and career goals!

Why the Exploratory Program at Bay Path University?

The exploratory program provides assistance for you to develop your educational, personal, and career objectives. Here are some tips as you begin your journey: 

  • Enjoy exploring! Why? Because there is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to major in when you begin college. 
  • Discover and invest in YOU. What do you enjoy? What are your strengths? Self-knowledge is essential to the exploration process and creates a pathway to future decisions. 
  • Get to know our undergraduate majors. Major exploration is a process that empowers you to connect your interests, abilities, skills, values, personality, and preferences with the more than 30 areas of study at Bay Path. You are encouraged to research any majors you’re interested in or curious about and to connect with our faculty in those areas.
  • Test drive your future. Take advantage of the Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center to find job shadowing opportunities, internships, schedule informational interviews, and learn more about careers. 
  • Take risks and follow your passions. Take charge of your education, try new things, challenge yourself, and step outside of your comfort zone. Take a class, attend campus events, take a workshop, or join a club that you find interesting. Remember, this is your time to explore, so celebrate all the opportunities you have.

I chose to be an Exploratory major not because I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, but because I wanted to experience different types of classes. I wanted to learn from an array of faculty and see different teaching styles before definitely deciding on a major. Bay Path truly works with you to help you figure out which program is best suited for you. I took courses from several different majors and programs to really get a feel for what I’m interested in." - Karina, Former Exploratory Major