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Forensic Science

Gain hands-on experience in the latest forensic technologies and methods as you earn your BS in Forensic Science.

Why Forensic Science at Bay Path University?

 Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary program built on foundations of biology, chemistry, criminal justice, psychology and legal studies. Students who major in Forensic Science learn how to collect, analyze and record evidence, as well as present their findings during legal proceedings.

 First and foremost, forensic science and family-related careers are rooted strongly in the sciences and the laboratory.  Most likely, you will find yourself working with a team that includes crime scene investigators, police, coroners, and other professionals.  Your role is to reconstruct the incident and provide evidence and information that has gone through the rigors of the scientific process.

 As a Forensic Science major, you will:

  • Benefit from small class sizes that promote close relationships between faculty and students
  • Use the latest technology in Bay Path’s forensic science laboratories
  • Master concepts by completing comprehensive online tutorials created by faculty
  • Identify, collect and document evidence at a mock crime scene, then present findings to a group of forensic and criminal justice professionals
  • Complete a forensic science internship
  • Be eligible to participate in the Women in STEM Honors (WiSH) program