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Forensic Science Degree

Gain hands-on experience in the latest forensic technologies and methods!

Why Forensic Science at Bay Path University?

The Forensic Science degree program is built on a strong foundation of science and mathematics courses. Forensic Science degree students develop a thorough understanding of biology and chemistry and are prepared to work in a variety of fields. Students gain discipline-specific knowledge and experience in criminalistics, forensic biology, forensic chemistry, forensic anthropology, and crime scene investigation. Students will identify, collect and document evidence at a mock crime scene, then present findings to a group of forensic and criminal justice professionals. 

Lectures and laboratories are taught in small classroom settings in rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and instruments. Students receive individual attention and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment, data acquisition, and analysis tools so vital for success in today's technological scientific arena. 

With access to state-of-the-art equipment typically found only in industry and graduate laboratories, our students gain real-life work experience and put theories to practical use. Our instrumentation includes:

The faculty is comprised of highly credentialed, experienced teachers and active researchers in their respective fields. The forensic science program curriculum is structured to prepare students for a variety of career options, including employment in public and private forensic laboratories, police investigation, medical/coroner offices as well as municipal, state, and federal agencies. 

I came to Bay Path specifically for the forensic science program—it’s outstanding. The hands-on programs in the labs is what sealed the deal for me. The faculty challenge us by having weekly or daily quizzes or reflections. It’s not as frightening as it seems because they work with us in class and one‑on‑one." - Taylor, Forensic Science Major