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Student Research

The Division of Research and Academic Resources at Bay Path University encourages and supports undergraduate and graduate students in all majors and programs to undertake special research projects, scholarly activities, or creative works under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor, working one-on-one with the student, helps the student select and design the project, meets with the student on a regular basis and supports the student throughout the entire process. Projects are highlighted at Academic Achievement Day in the spring.

Grants are available to support various opportunities including short-term and long-term projects. Approved projects are provided financial support for the student to purchase supplies, materials, travel, and conference attendance. Certain grants such as the Summer Scholars Grant include student stipends. Projects carry academic credit on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Grant Opportunities

    • Student Research: Students may conduct a scholarly activity under the supervision of a faculty mentor to enhance the student’s academic experience.
    • Faculty/Student Conferences: Supports students and faculty who attend conferences together, with priority to those who are presenting.
    • Student-Assisted Faculty Research: Students provide assistance to faculty members engaged in a scholarly activity.
    • Student Conference: A graduate student or an undergraduate senior may travel to a conference unaccompanied by a faculty member if supported in writing by the student’s advisor and Department Chair.
    • Summer Scholars: To enhance an eligible Bay Path student’s education with the opportunity to perform student research, scholarly activity, or creative work in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Current Bay Path students, please visit your My Bay Path portal for more information.