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Embracing Diversity

Advocate. Empower. Affirm.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs serves as a cultural resource for students, faculty, and staff. We provide direction and services for current and prospective students from underrepresented populations. Through creative and innovative programs, the office enhances cultural knowledge and produces a deeper appreciation for diversity and inclusion throughout the campus community.

In addition, we offer diversity education programs that foster inclusive learning environments for all students. Students are encouraged to discover their unique identities as they develop their own mechanisms of support and endeavor to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of themselves and others. 

Diversity is not minority groups coming together, but something larger. It is all people coming together and sharing their own life experiences and beliefs for the benefit of the entire community. For example, I am Trinidadian and Puerto Rican. I am a student and a worker. I have lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, and in the south. And I am the daughter of ministers. My perspective is different from the person sitting beside or across from me, but our views are equally important. In my mind, inclusion is finding a common space where we can all respectfully discuss those differences and how they relate to issues in our world.” - Victoria, Biology Major (Chemistry & Small Business Development Minor)