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Leadership & Organizational Studies Degree Program

Develop your unique leadership skills, advance your career, and enrich your life.

Why Leadership & Organizational Studies at Bay Path University?

As a student in the Leadership & Organizational Studies program, you will:

  • Develop the communications skills needed to be a confident and compelling leader
  • Learn to lead organizational change effectively by leveraging resources
  • Develop negotiation skills to resolve conflicts and implement innovative solutions
  • Design change interventions and change management strategies
  • Demonstrate change agent competencies in these areas: systems thinking; analytic data collection and research; consultation skills; project management; and strategic planning
  • Learn to identify sources of data within an organization, and perform qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Capitalize on technology as a driving force for communications and change

Are you a transfer student? The Leadership & Organizational Studies program is flexible because of the number of general electives – we can take 60 transfer credits. The program can help you achieve your bachelor’s degree and even start a graduate degree. 

The Leadership & Organizational Studies program fits your path whether you are looking for a completer program or are a first-year student. The program also serves as a direct entry into a Bay Path University graduate degree. In fact, you will take graduate-level courses while in the program.