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Leadership & Organizational Studies

Develop your unique leadership skills, advance your career and enrich your life. Make your voice heard as you earn a BA in Leadership & Organizational Studies.

Why Leadership & Organizational Studies at The American Women’s College?

It’s undeniable: women thrive, and organizations flourish, under women leadership. Women leaders have the potential to move companies, governments and societies in new and better directions.

AWC’s Leadership & Organizational Studies (LOS) program teaches students to strengthen and leverage your own leadership skills, as well as your personal awareness of local and global challenges. As an LOS student, you will:

  • Learn to navigate the multiple responsibilities and demands of your professional and personal life
  • Collaborate and support your fellow students in the analysis and practice of advanced leadership techniques
  • Sharpen your abilities to negotiate and communicate
  • Think strategically about your career path and leadership capacity

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To Start Classes in Late April 2019!

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