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Education Studies Degree

Education coursework without licensure!

Why Education Studies at Bay Path University?

The education studies degree program is intended for students whose career plans do not require Massachusetts teacher licensure at the bachelor’s level, or who are seeking career paths in education other than public school teaching, and/or are planning on attending a graduate program in education. Students gain knowledge and skills in appropriate methods of teaching with the opportunity to design a concentration that fits their particular career focus. The education studies degree offers many elective credits in order to support the acquisition of various certificates, internships, or other credentials.

Education Studies Degree Program Students Will Be Able To:

  • Apply theories of instruction and curriculum by creating written lesson plans and presenting lesson demonstrations.
  • Evaluate different instructional techniques and curriculum adaptations to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Interpret the teaching of social studies, mathematics, and science in the context of problem solving techniques and integrated curriculum.
  • Employ multiple assessment methods to evaluate children’s understanding and progress in order to make instructional decisions.
  • Recall knowledge of current educational issues related to the philosophy, history, and politics of education, particularly in the United States.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior in their role as observers in the field.
  • Examine personal commitment to the teaching profession through reflection on classroom and field experiences.