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Liberal Studies Degree

Expand your critical thinking, writing and communication skills!

Why Liberal Studies at Bay Path University?

As a liberal studies degree major, you will gain multiple perspectives on social, cultural, environmental and political issues and areas that define both local and global communities.  You will be better able to question, synthesize and present solutions because you will have developed a firm foundation of knowledge.  In a world that is ever more connected, your ability to integrate complex concepts is key, ultimately helping companies and organizations to be more sensitive to the changing ways in which people interact and do business. 

And there is another side to liberal studies.  If you like generating creative ideas, connecting with people, writing for different audiences and in different styles, or creating content—like websites, social media, audio, video—a liberal studies degree major is also a wonderful foundation for careers in these areas.  

Curious, knowledgeable, analytical and flexible: Bay Path liberal studies degree students are the modern Renaissance students.

Through your liberal arts bachelor's degree program, you will:

  • Plan your own unique academic path through the college experience
  • Become an effective problem solver and gain high-level literacy skills
  • Integrate learning and synthesize information across topics
  • Prepare for a professional career or continued studies in a variety of opportunity-rich areas