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Professional Writing

Dream of being a published writer? Make it possible when you major in Professional Writing while earning your BA in Liberal Studies.

Why Professional Writing at Bay Path University?

Students who major in Professional Writing prepare themselves for a career in writing by developing critical thinking skills, creativity, and technical expertise.

Passionate about the written word, you translate your skills in voice, editing, creativity and research into a finely-crafted piece that fits the audience of the medium.  The demand for fine writing is growing, and you could find yourself as a content writer who blends words with video / photography / audio, a blogger for a company, a grant writer for a nonprofit, or a freelancer who needs to tell the organization’s story.

Graduates of the program will have a portfolio of polished, publishable work. As a Professional Writing major, you will:

  • Learn to analyze audience, purpose and context to create powerful written and visual responses
  • Explore rhetorical, analytical and research skills and strategies that bring depth and strength to your writing
  • Create blog, website and social media content and instructional materials
  • Publish projects in digital and traditional environments