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Small Business Development

There is no better time to be a woman in business - embrace the entrepreneurial spirit!

Why Small Business Development at Bay Path University?

Small Business Development majors learn to plan, organize and manage a small business and develop the skills to be a successful entrepreneur. More women than ever before are leading companies and starting small businesses, making now the perfect time to focus your studies on Small Business Development.

In this major, you will:

  • Study the practical skills, ethical issues and management theory needed to grow a successful business in a changing economy
  • Evaluate the feasibility of new business ideas and ventures
  • Understand risk analysis and how to develop a business plan
  • Learn to take ideas from concept to implementation
  • Explore the traits, styles and behaviors of effective leaders
  • Take a hands-on approach to solve real-time business problems of local entrepreneurs and small businesses

Bay Path has been a magnificent and inspiring place for me. The faculty is exceptional; they share their hands-on experience and teach students to look at problems in new ways. I am expanding my knowledge in every course I take, constantly thinking critically and analyzing situations for hidden problems and solutions." - Samantha, Marketing & Small Business Development Double Major