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Bay Path's 125th Anniversary

Reimagine: Possibility
125 years of Bay Path

Innovation, evolution, and an unwavering focus on careers have been part of the Bay Path story for 125 years.

We embark upon this quasquicentennial milestone with the support of our honorary chairs, longtime friends of Bay Path who are graciously lending their time and passion to help champion our mission and foster our continued growth. 

Our role in providing an education that strengthens the regional workforce began in 1897, when the Bay Path Institute opened its doors in downtown Springfield to train students to fill burgeoning office roles. Since then, we have continually reimagined what a career-focused education looks like, how to deliver it and whom it must serve.

Our evolution proudly parallels advancements in women’s professional opportunities and aspirations, and our history is inscribed with the same momentum, determination, and ambition our students bring to their education.

Today, as Bay Path University, we are entering an era of epic transformation, knowing that our mission to empower learners with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their careers, chart their own courses, and transform their lives and communities is as critical as ever.

It’s time to reimagine a bigger, bolder, fairer future, for Bay Path and beyond.

Please enjoy this short video to showcase the amazing 125-year evolution of Bay Path. It's a moving tribute to the enduring spirit of our community and the students who comprise it.