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Forensic Psychology Degree

Apply expertise in human behavior to mental health, criminal justice and legal systems.

Why Forensic Psychology at Bay Path University?

The Forensic Psychology program at Bay Path is designed for students to apply the principles and insights of psychology within the mental health, criminal justice, and legal systems. The demand for expertise in this field is rapidly increasing, with multiple career opportunities. Forensic Psychology majors are prepared to work in these types of settings: domestic violence programs, male and female correctional facilities, re-entry programs, the court system, probation, Department of Youth Services, working with gang members, law enforcement, and substance abuse agencies to name a few.

A sampling of what students will learn:

  • What motivates criminal behavior?
  • How are the issues of female offenders different from the needs of male offenders?
  • What role does mental illness play in relation to crime, and how do the criminal justice and legal systems address the issues?
  • Are psychopaths driven by biological deficits or societal influences?
  • How are families affected by incarceration?
  • What contributes to offender rehabilitation and effective re-entry back into the community?
  • What ethical considerations must be considered when the legal system, criminal justice system, and the mental health system are all involved with a case?
  • What is the psychological impact on both perpetrators and victims of a crime, and how are they different?