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Spring Reopening Update

Health & Human Services

Prepare for a career that is focused on helping people.

Why Health & Human Services at Bay Path University?

Do you aspire to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities? In the Health & Human Services program, students take core courses that provide a background in physical and mental health, ethics, communication and social policy.

The Health & Human Services program is an interdisciplinary degree program that prepares students for a variety of careers in healthcare, social services, rehabilitation, policy, and program administration. The program also prepares students well if they choose to pursue graduate study in the fields of allied health, healthcare management, public health, clinical mental health counseling, social work, special education or non-profit management.   

  • Exposes students to a variety of populations, health conditions and abilities, and settings so that they are able to make informed and personal decisions about their interests in order to prepare for careers and/or graduate study;
  • Provides students with a broad conceptual framework of health and human service organizations, funding issues, policy concerns, and political and economic trends to develop a comprehensive understanding of interaction and impact;  
  • Amplifies this understanding through internships, job-shadowing, service learning projects, site visits, and guest speakers. 

I completed an internship with The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, interning with the Human Services Coordinators for the Acquired Brain Injury Program. I spent time in the community and was involved in numerous state meetings, in-home visits, yearly and quarterly meetings for the participants, and day program visits. I even had the opportunity to attend the Annual Acquired Brain Injury Conference in Marlborough, Massachusetts. I still remain in contact with several people I met during this wonderful experience." - Amber, Health & Human Services