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Psychology Degree

A comprehensive introduction to the field of psychology, which provides students with the knowledge and tools to work in various professions or continue to graduate study.

Why study Psychology at Bay Path University?

Studying psychology at Bay Path positions you for success in various professions, including health and social services, mental health, organizational management, community and public relations, education, program development and social science research. 

In the psychology profession, you look for patterns that will help you understand and predict human behavior. It is about how people think, feel and act.  Drawing upon theory and practice, you learn how to develop and appreciate the ways in which individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and even nations and cultures respond and behave. Most important, on the most basic level, you are helping people live healthy and productive lives. 

Bay Path Psychology students will:

  • Receive a targeted, yet well-rounded education
  • Learn under dedicated faculty who are leaders in the field
  • Engage in active learning and practical application of concepts
  • Gain valuable experience through projects, fieldwork and internships at community partner organizations
  • Develop skills, knowledge and abilities that are essential for your chosen career path

We also offer the following majors: