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Q & A with Dr. Lauren J. Way

Program Director Dr. Lauren J. Way, BA, MEd, EdD, brings to her Bay Path students 26 years of experience in global business and higher education administration. Living in Russia during the transition to a free-market economy, Dr. Way established one of the first global commodities trading companies in that country and later advised other startups. In the U.S. she applied her international experience to positions with the Olympic Games and Smith College’s International Study Office. She then served as the associate director of the Lemelson Assistive Technology Development Center at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she helped secure $2.5 million in grants. Dr. Way recently was awarded a grant from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation to research the transformation of higher education in Malaysia as it moves toward a knowledge-based economy. She has won a national teaching award in experiential education and an award for innovative academic collaboration practices from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Outside of her research and teaching, Way enjoys theater, comedy, exercise and travel with her family.

What do you love about Higher Education Administration?

The “bottom line” in higher education is not profits but human potential. In this field I love helping others expand themselves and build their lives! In teaching I love seeing my students’ progress week by week. Everyone has different strengths and areas of interest, but seeing each student advance their understanding of higher education and increase their skills and abilities is so rewarding. I especially love to hear about the promotions, raises, and new jobs my students get as they finish the program!

What’s the value of a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration?

Never before has the pace of change in higher education been so rapid! A good M.S. program prepares students to become nimble higher education leaders able to innovate and keep pace with evolving student demographics and demands.

  • Opportunity: The Bureau of Labor Statistics project jobs will grow 10% (faster than average) 2016-2026
  • Compensation: The 2017 median salary for post-secondary education administrators was $92,360

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Higher Education Administration?

  • For our curriculum, which includes not only theories behind higher education practice but also cutting-edge tools and techniques, and current and emerging marketplace trends. Students are able to draw on their professional experiences to discuss class material, and most say they can apply their weekly course reading and assignments to help them on the job immediately.
  • For our diverse students, whose unique career backgrounds add so much to class discussions! I'm always impressed by the range of specialized knowledge that new students bring with them into the program. We learn from the course material and interesting assignments, but also from one another's experience and expertise.
  • For our thriving online learning community. Many say they never expected to get to know their classmates and professors so well, so quickly. It's this community that supports them through the program and beyond.
  • For our “support team.” Aside from their classmates and professors, students have academic coaches, online tutors, financial aid staff, terrific registrars and career services professionals . . . someone ready to help every step of the way!
  • For our national recognition by and as one of the best online master’s programs in the country.