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Honors Program

A close-knit community, honors students enjoy thought-provoking seminars, small classes, leadership opportunities, and community service experiences that are valuable for career direction or graduate school.

How the Honors Program Works: 

In the first two years, honors students participate in discussion-based, one-credit seminars. Each interdisciplinary seminar is team-taught by faculty providing students with unique perspectives from academic areas as diverse as biology, history, legal studies, or psychology.

In their junior and senior years, students pursue their academic interests through special projects or a thesis. Working one-on-one with their advisor/faculty mentor, students research, write and present on a topic of their choice.

Honors Students are Able to Take Advantage of:

  • Honors Program courses that have an average class size of 15
  • Opportunities to attend honors social events, the Bay Path sponsored Women's Leadership Conference, special lectures, and other unique activities
  • Successful honors students will have their participation documented in their transcripts

I would absolutely recommend the Honors Program to new incoming students. This opportunity allows you to really grow on an intellectual level. You get to hear so many different opinions from different people and majors and it really makes you think on a global scale. It is just a fun opportunity that gives so much room for personal and intellectual growth." - Kenna Tyrrell, Honors Program Member

Honors Program Mission Statement:

The Bay Path Honors Program provides the academically talented and exceptionally motivated student with uniquely challenging and intellectually stimulating educational opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum. Under the guidance of faculty known for their excellence in teaching and scholarship, students investigate special topics in interdisciplinary honors seminars. The Honors Program culminates in a major independent creative or research project, or other departmental requirement.