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Study the complex relationship between the nervous system and human behavior and cognition. Major in Neuropsychology while earning a BA in Psychology or a BS in Neuroscience.

Why Neuropsychology at Bay Path University?

Neuropsychology is a subfield of Psychology and Neuroscience that focuses on how the brain and nervous system influence a person’s cognition and behavior. Students of Neuropsychology learn key concepts related to neuroanatomy, neural development, electrophysiology, intracellular signaling and nervous system regulation of functions.

Students can choose between earning a BA in Psychology or BS in Neuroscience.

As a Neuropsychology major within the Psychology program, you will:

  • Learn key concepts, principles, theories and trends in psychology
  • Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena
  • Develop skills in innovative thinking, integrative thinking and problem solving
  • Design, conduct and interpret research
  • Incorporate sociocultural factors in scientific inquiry
  • Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice
  • Have the opportunity to participate in summer research opportunities, career shadowing, co-ops and professional conferences

As a Neuropsychology major within the Neuroscience program, you will:

  • Become proficient in basic laboratory skills
  • Evaluate experimental data from primary literature and hands-on projects
  • Develop a working knowledge of concepts, theories and trends in psychology
  • Learn to implement knowledge, skills and values from the field of psychology to a career in neuroscience
  • Gain research experience from at least one summer research program
  • Be eligible to participate in the Women in STEM Honors (WiSH) program (applies to BS in Neuroscience only)