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Delve into the complex world of the brain and nervous system, where scientific discoveries continue to be made. Earn your BS in Neuroscience while majoring in Neurobiology.

Why Neurobiology at Bay Path University?

The Neurobiology major is designed to introduce students to a range of concepts in neuroscience while providing them with a foundation in math and science that allows them to better understand the inner workings of the nervous system.

For centuries, the mysteries of the human brain and nervous system have challenged scientists.  As a neurobiologist, you are on the cutting-edge of this discipline that has seen significant breakthroughs for this complex organ.  In the lab, you will focus on a molecular to systems connection that will lead to a greater understanding of diseases, as well as human behavior.

In this major, you will:

  • Take courses in biology, chemistry, physics and neuroscience
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the function and chemical composition of living organisms
  • Have the option to specialize your course of study with electives tailored to your area of interest
  • Be well-positioned to pursue advanced studies in neuroscience, medicine and life sciences
  • Be eligible to participate in the Women in STEM Honors (WiSH) program