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Food Industry Management

Gain knowledge in core business fundamentals with a solid foundation in food science. Major in Food Industry Management while earning your Bachelor of Science in Business.

Why Food Industry Management at Bay Path University?

Advance your career with an online bachelor's degree in Food Industry Management– learn the tenets of food science, such as food processing and safety.  Accumulate the knowledge required to excel in the fast-paced and increasingly complex food industry.

As a bachelor’s degree student in Bay Path’s The American Women’s College, you will:

  • Demonstrate strong skills and knowledge in the fundamental areas of food science.
  • Identify the basics of food manufacturing, food quality and safety.
  • Identify beneficial microorganisms in foods and foodborne diseases and ways these
    organisms are introduced, eliminated, and controlled.
  • Learn the global nature of the food industry and its complexities.
  • Understand current food laws and regulations in the U.S. and awareness of differences abroad.

The Food Industry Management major prepares students for a wide array of positions within the broad food industry. It covers the core business fundamentals and combines them with a solid foundation in food science. Business topics include accounting, marketing, operations, and management. The major areas of food science, such as food processing and safety, are also covered. 

With this degree, students are positioning themselves for a career in an industry that is forecasting job growth into the next decade. 

Interested in how we do online labs for this major? Check this out! 

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