Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Prof Justin Dion, JD, during a class at Bay Path College

Discover your passion within the field of criminal justice. A major in criminal justice prepares you for a variety of career options that reflect not only the law enforcement aspects of the field, but relate to positions in the court systems, corrections, security, social support organizations—such as women’s shelters or nonprofit agencies providing assistance, or homeland security, including border patrol or safety and disaster response. 

Our criminal justice program prepares you for these career tracks by examining criminal behaviors and society’s responses to them in terms of prevention and response after the fact. Coursework encompasses areas pertaining to enforcement, criminology, advocacy, and social change. You will also take courses in legal studies, forensic studies, and forensic psychology to give you a broader understanding of the issues facing our communities. 

Just as you learn about the fundamentals of criminal justice, Bay Path’s program takes you beyond the classroom—from internships to experiential learning opportunities to volunteer work—developing a unique woman’s perspective on the field that becomes invaluable in practice. 

If you are interested in attending graduate school or pursuing a career in criminal justice or other public service agencies, then Bay Path’s criminal justice major is for you.

Criminal Justice:
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