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Tuition & Financial Aid

One of the most affordable, private universities in New England, our number one priority is to make your college education both financially feasible and an investment in your life plan.

Bay Path believes that every female student nationally should be able to attend college and that your financial situation should not stand in the way.

Delays to the FAFSA process this year mean that you won't receive your financial aid awards until April.  We can give you a pre-FAFSA Award letter  - just complete our Net Price Calculator and follow these steps:

1.   Fill in our Net Price Calculator: Input your information to receive an estimate tailored to your situation.  Email a copy of the financial aid results to yourself and then forward a copy to Student Financial Services at We will need the Net Price Calculator results to provide you with the pre-FAFSA award.

2. Meet with your financial aid team: Our  dedicated financial services staff are here to discuss your specific needs and guide you through the financial aid process.  You can set up a meeting here.

3. Receive a pre-FAFSA Award letter: We will send you a pre-FAFSA Award letter showing the cost to you of a stellar private college education at Bay Path, taking account of your scholarships, grants and state and federal aid.

Bay Path offers a number of scholarships:

Pell Grant Free Tuition Program First-year, first-time, traditional students who qualify for a Pell Grant and have a GPA over 3.0 will receive free tuition to Bay Path University.  Learn more here.
Merit Scholarships Depending on your GPA, you could be awarded a merit scholarship worth $12,000 - $25,000 a year, renewable while you are enrolled. Learn more here.
Signature Scholarship Competition Program First-year, first-time undergraduate students can compete for scholarships ranging from $500 to full tuition
Need-Based Grants For students who do not qualify for a Pell Grant, we attempt to meet your financial need with a combination of scholarships, need-based grants, on-campus jobs, and loans. More information can be found here.
Other Scholarships Our Student Finacial Services team will advise you on other scholarships you may be eligible for, such as UNCF, Citizens Bank, Zonta International Scholarships, Scholarships360 and Earnest Scholarship
Federal & State Aid Find out more about Federal and Massachusetts grants and loans 

To get Financial Aid, you MUST complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

The 2024-2025 FAFSA application is now available. The Bay Path University school code is 002122.
Historically, the FAFSA has been available beginning October 1st each year.  However, because of significant changes to the application and the rebuild of the FAFSA processing system, the Department of Education has indicated that schools are unlikely to receive FAFSA data before late March.  This means Bay Path will not be able to notify students that we have received their FAFSA until April.  Bay Path University expects to mail financial aid award letters by mid April. 

Our costs for Tuition, Room & Board: 

2023-2024 Academic Year (12-18 CREDITS PER SEMESTER)
  Resident Students Commuter Students
Tuition* $37,227 $37,227
Room & Board (14 meals per week plan)* $13,316  
Total $50,543 $37,227

You will also need to budget for personal expenses, like travel, for example, if you are a commuter student, and health insurance, which is required in Massachusetts for all adults over 18 years.

Financial Aid Terminology

We have put together a glossary of commonly used financial aid terms to help you better understand the process.