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ROTC Program

Serve your country and learn leadership skills you can use on the job and in your community. Graduate with an opportunity for a career and a lifestyle of service and honor.

Bay Path University students are able to participate in Army or Air Force ROTC. The ROTC program prepares undergraduate students to become Officers in the United States Army or Air Force. Upon graduation, you'll transition directly into a management-level position within the Army or Air Force, well ahead of your non-ROTC peers. On a weekly basis, all cadets will attend a class, two physical training sessions and a Leadership Lab.

ROTC Benefits:

  • Scholarships: Scholarships range from $18,000/year to a full ride, depending on major. Scholarships can be used toward: 
    - Tuition and Fees
    - Room and Board 
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Credits for School: ROTC courses count toward college credit. 
  • Opportunity for a Career: Graduates can serve on Active Duty or in the Reserves.