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Support, Structure & Encouragement

You want the best for your daughter. So do we. Would Bay Path be a good fit? These resources may help you decide:

Questions to Ask:

What percent of students graduate and how many years does it take them? Is it safe? Is there strong advising? Are there activity fees and other hidden costs? This page lists 21 questions to ask of all colleges - and explains why they matter!

Campus Tours:

College will be “home away from home” for several years and will create a lifelong community. A personalized tour helps students know if it “feels right.”


College may be the biggest investment you’ve considered. Is Bay Path worth it?

Financial Guidance:

Does a merit scholarship need to be repaid? Do education loans accrue interest? How do I compare aid packages? How can I afford it? College costs and financial aid paperwork can be daunting. Bay Path’s Student Financial Services offers personalized guidance so that your family won’t get overwhelmed by the price-tag or process of financing a college education.

  • Ask our financial aid counselors to explain scholarships, which don’t have to be repaid.
  • Join one of our financial aid webinars on topics such as repaying student loans and getting “loan forgiveness” by working in nonprofits, underserved communities, government, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and more.
  • Watch “Financial Aid TV” - these short videos answer questions such as How and when does my student apply for financial aid? and If I provide my information on the federal financial aid form (FAFSA), am I obligated to pay for my child’s education?