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Student Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.







“My degree in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy from Bay Path University has helped me in my present career to look at the overall responsibilities of my job from new and different perspective. The online forums and interaction with other professionals, who were also furthering their education, made this a rewarding experience and drove me to do my best with the encouragement of fellow students and professors.”
Kathy Shaw G'17
MS in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy

“Bay Path’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy program gave me the tools and strategies I needed! The program provided me with an in-depth understanding of nonprofit operations. I now know the value of a strong mission statement and long term organizational planning, why and how campaign goals are established, the benefits of financial analysis, how to be an effective leader and how it all fits together.” 
Leslie M. Redd G'14 
MS in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy

“As a minister and executive director of a nonprofit focused on social service, I wanted to expand my nonprofit management skills … I heard about Bay Path’s program and inquired. I was doing a capital campaign at the time and needed a program that was online and flexible. I also wanted the program to teach me about nonprofit management and philanthropy so I could make a greater difference. I had very high standards for the program and was delighted to find I made the right choice from the start.” 
Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders, MS, CFRE, G'11
MS in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy
The Salvation Army, Northwest Ohio Area Services