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Enrolling now for the September 3rd start. 
Also enrolling for the January 13th start.

From elementary through high school, there are students who, to succeed and thrive in our educational systems, need a unique kind of educator to inspire them to reach their full potential. A person who blends compassion, patience, and a strong sense of social justice. That person is a special education teacher. At Bay Path, we will help you shape your inner passion, so you can be a passionate advocate for your students.

Our Reputation Stands Out

Whether you are a teacher in the field or a career changer, our degrees in MSEd/EdS - Master's Degree in Special Education have been recognized by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ)  for their success in preparing teachers to pass education licensure exams. Bay Path was also recognized by the NCTQ as a “stand out institution” for the support we provide to education students, the only institution in Western Massachusetts to earn that acknowledgment and one of only nine in the state. Our graduates are in school systems throughout the state and beyond, a testament to Bay Path’s dedication to prepare our students to excel in their profession and in the classroom.

We Create a Successful Space

To help address the severe shortage of teachers, Bay Path has received $200,000 in state funding to support our students entering the teaching pipeline. As a Bay Path student in special education, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Participate in training workshops and tutoring support to help prepare you for licensure at no charge;
  • Apply to receive a voucher for registration of  MTELs.

We believe there should be no roadblocks or barriers for you in achieving your goal. Our faculty and staff offer personal, one-on-one attention and encouragement to make your academic journey a success—from the moment you enroll in the program until you graduate.

Our Degrees

The Master of Science in Education/Special Education
The Master of Science in Education/Special Education degree is for individuals with previous degrees who wish to work with students with special needs. Our program concentrations focus on current issues in special education, best practices for inclusive education, including law nondiscriminatory assessment, issues of cultural and linguistic diversity, classroom and behavioral adaptations, integration of new technologies, and how to collaborate with families and service providers.

Education Specialist (EdS)
The Education Specialist is a postgraduate degree unique to the field of education, which is considered more advanced than a master’s degree but generally requires less coursework than a PhD or EdD. For professionals who already have a master’s degree, an EdS is an excellent pathway to reach the next level without the time or cost required for most doctoral degrees.

Bay Path's Master's Degree (MSEd/EdS) in Special Education Options:

Bay Path's Graduate Certificates in Special Education Options: