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Shape the Future of Healthcare.

Enrolling Now, Classes Begin February 28, 2022

Healthcare today requires multi-dimensional leaders whose knowledge spans across professional leadership, healthcare, science, and information technology. Bay Path University's MS in Healthcare Management graduates will be ready for careers in the ever-changing field of healthcare management. 

Healthcare administrators come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some may have had direct patient care experience while others may have specialized in business, administration, finance, public health or a specific area of healthcare including human resources.

our ms in healthcare management prepares students to:
• assume leadership roles in both traditional and non-traditional settings and industries including, but not limited to, healthcare provider organizations and facilities, consulting, law, insurance and government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare informatics and analytics 
• use technology and data to analyze and identify effective solutions to improve the quality and efficiency in healthcare 
• synthesize trends and issues, gaining an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that today’s healthcare systems present
• effectively manage people and systems within healthcare organizations

Bay Path University's MS in Healthcare Management is A PARTICIPANT IN THE American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and is a member of the HIGHER EDUCATION NETWORK (HEN). for student benefits, CLICK HERE.

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