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The Path Forward

Public, Private, and Forensic Tracks. 

Enrolling Now, Classes Begin October 25, 2021

From public accounting firms to nonprofits, to companies large and small, there is a critical need for accounting and financial professionals who are motivated problem solvers and have a thorough understanding of best practices.

The Master of Science in Accounting at Bay Path University was designed to give students a unique advantage and skills that can be leveraged in many career paths including auditing, management consulting, financial accounting & reporting, management accounting, financial analysis, tax preparation, and forensic accounting. 

OUR MS IN accounting PROGRAM has:
• concentrations in Public (Tax & Audit), Private, or Forensic Accounting
• Individualized advisement and career coaching from full-time, academically and professionally (CPA) certified faculty
• Studies customized for state-specific CPA requirements
• Opportunities for busy season internships

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"I chose Bay Path because they demonstrated a distinct interest in helping students succeed through small classes and one-on-one attention."

SerahRose Bissell G'17, MS

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