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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

“The curriculum gave me the foundation I needed to study every aspect of higher education and the people within it. African Americans face a lot of obstacles in terms of succeeding in college. Trying to understand why and helping them get into college and to stay in college—that has been something that I’ve always liked to do. I want to advise college students, understand their backgrounds and understand the obstacles they face as they enter higher education.” Dinah B. Moore G'18, MHE- General Administration Concentration

“Quality. Quality is the exact definition of the program at Bay Path University. If you are looking for a quality program that will push you and prepare you for something greater than yourself, don’t waste another moment. Enroll today. The experience is world-class.” Michael D. Black G'18, MHE - Enrollment Management Concentration with Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certification

“Bay Pay’s MHE program in General Administration is preparing me for success by exposing me to educational theories, engaging me in discussions with incredible peers and professors who give supportive yet constructive feedback. I want to move up in higher Ed. The heavy focus on leadership will give me the tools to become a leader in the academy.”
Aliza R. Micelotta G'19MHE- General Administration Concentration

“MHE online program: Quality education, affordability, and accessibility. MHE Faculty: Dedicated, supportive, and knowledgable. MHE faculty possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in higher education and enrollment management that provide MHE students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue successful careers and leadership opportunities.”
Trina A. Schooley G'19, MHE- Enrollment Management Concentration with Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certification

“Although, I have been in EM field for over 15 years, I was interested in learning the ‘science’ behind it. Half way through the program, my boss came into my office and noted just by my conversation that the program was having a positive impact.”
Sonya Crosby G'16, MHE- Enrollment Management Concentration with Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certification

“After speaking to a few mentors and researching the program, I decided to jump right in and I am so glad I did.” “The most exciting parts about the MHE program were to see the curriculum come to life before my eyes.” “I know that I can stand with other professionals in higher education because I have had the training and mentoring from great faculty.”
Ashton Darrett G'16, MHE- Enrollment Management Concentration

hea millieThe biggest gift out of my wonderful experience at Bay Path was finding my passion in higher education to advise students throughout their entire academic process and educational journey so they too can find their passion.” 
Millie Roman-Buday, G’12
MS in Higher Education Administration

I needed my master’s to move past the director level. Bay Path’s MS in Higher Education Administration online program gave me the opportunity to balance my ambitions with my family and lifestyle."
Jennifer Macksey
MS in Higher Education Administration

There's no separating the online experience and the degree in higher education administration that I receivedhigher education administration bay path margaret from Bay Path. Both gave me the tools needed to be better and stronger in the work place now and in the future."
Margaret Lawson, G’14
MS in Higher Education Administration

higher education bay path maureenI am impressed by Bay Path’s administration and faculty – for their creativity, innovation and focus on the future of educational practice. My coursework has provided a healthy balance of theory and real-world application. To current students, I believe you have made a great choice in schools. To prospective students, take a very close look!”
Maureen E. Matamoros, G'14
MS in Higher Education Administration, Enrollment Management

bay path higher ed amberThe online program offers “Real World” learning in an environment that is convenient and flexible. Bay Path is on the cutting edge of what future higher education needs are demanding. The interaction with the staff and faculty has been top notch, bar none. You won't be disappointed in Bay Path as your #1!"
Amber Stenbeck G'12
MS in Higher Education Administration, General Administration

higher ed bay path jeffI especially appreciate how connected everyone is to this online community, from students to staff to faculty. I’m learning tons from my peers and have developed wonderful relationships with several faculty in the program.”
Jeffrey Hayes, G'13
MS in Higher Education Administration, General Administration