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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"My experiences in this program provided me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to change my future. I learned how important it is to advocate for myself in both my education and my career, which led me to accept a position at a prestigious college. I will be forever grateful to Bay Path University." - Natasha Reno, G'23

"The 100% online program allowed me to take full control of my learning experience. While completing this master’s program, I was able to work full-time. The coursework is rigorous and challenging, but the takeaways are beyond invaluable. You end each course feeling like you accomplished something, and that you will actually use what you learned over the years, both in higher education and in life." - Amy Sliwa G'23

“After being in higher education for many years, serving as a director and assistant director, my education at Bay Path University and completion of the MS in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in enrollment management allowed me to advance my career to the next level.  It helped me to secure my dream job. The program focused on not only accomplishing my educational goals but also my professional goals.” - Jocelyn Biggs G'21

“The program transformed my perspective and ability to think strategically and navigate a landscape of constant change layered with a student-centered focus. The MS in Higher Education Administration has fundamentally shifted my approach to enrollment management and continues to impact my growth as a leader.” - Kristen Sanchez G'17

“The curriculum in the MS in Higher Education Administration prepares higher education professionals to transform the field of education. It helped me to embrace technological advances that have been helpful in my work. The program also allowed me to take my experience in financial aid and diversify my skills in a way that I could apply them to the next step in my career.” - Matthew Colver G'21

“Since day one of the program, the MS in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in enrollment management has been applicable in my daily professional career. Earning a professional certificate in enrollment management, offered by Bay Path but awarded by Ruffalo Noel Levitz (one of the premier enrollment management companies), has been an amazing bonus. This certificate has given me an additional advantage in learning about cutting-edge practices in enrollment management and the higher education field.” - Tammy Vondrasek G'22

“The Master of Science in Higher Education Administration program was convenient and allowed me to continue working while finishing my degree. The flexibility of the program is what enticed me to join, but I found the professors and curriculum were excellent and helped me focus on a new career path.” - Tom Bolio G'23

“The MS in Higher Education Administration (MHE) degree was a catalyst for my professional, personal, and educational growth. The MHE program helped to lay the essential groundwork for the way I view, understand, and help to develop the higher education environment. The MHE program began to open more professional doors, and aided me in finding my voice in the higher education landscape.” -  Rae Dragu G'17 G'22

“The MS in Higher Education Administration (MHE) program not only provided the knowledge I needed to advance my career, but also fueled my passion for lifelong learning. It provided an advantageous base of understanding that was of great help as I went on to complete Bay Path’s EdD with a concentration in Higher Education Leadership & Organizational Studies (HELOS) program. The MHE program instilled in me the confidence to reach for, and ultimately attain, my professional and educational goals. I will be forever grateful for the experience.” - Darin Pfeifer G'16 G'22

“My success in the enrollment management certificate program has led to me accepting a senior-level position in my field. I really believe this certificate helped give me an edge. I’m excited to be moving forward with the RNL credential!” - Justin R. Hernandez