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Online Teaching & Program Administration Certificate

Bay Path's Certificate in Online Teaching & Program Administration is designed for those seeking to gain expertise in the field of online teaching and learning, as well as, higher education organization and governance. Graduate will become knowledgeable of trends and best practices in online teaching, curriculum development, course design, course and program assessment, online community building, and innovative teaching practices, as well as, institutional organization and leadership.

Students in this certificate program will gain an understanding of online educational pedagogy, course design and delivery, educational technologies, higher education assessment, best online practices, and organizational leadership. Outcomes of this certificate include an understanding of principles, philosophies and pedagogy of online learning; ability to evaluate learning theories and their use in online education, and analyze the effectiveness of various models of online education; ability to develop well-designed online course modules that incorporate best practices in online teaching and foster active learning communities; and an understanding of primary issues related to higher education management, governance, and leadership.

  • 15 Credit Certificate- 5 core courses
  • Courses are offered 100% online

For curriculum, visit our online catalog. 

Did You Know?

Students can complete the certificate program or use their certificate coursework to continue at Bay Path to complete the MS in Higher Education Administration - Online Teaching & Program Administration ConcentrationDoctor of Health Science - online teaching concentration, or the Occupational Therapy Doctorate - education track