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Certificate in Online Teaching & Program Administration

100% Online Courses

The Certificate in Online Teaching & Program Administraion is designed for those seeking to gain expertise in the field of online teaching and learning as well as higher education organization and governance. Completion of the certificate helps professionals to position themselves in their organizations as knowledgeable of trends and best practices in online teaching, curriculum development, course design, course and program assessment, online community building, and innovative teaching practices, as well as institutional organization and leadership.

Students in this certificate program will gain an understanding of online educational pedagogy, course design and delivery, educational technologies, higher education assessment, best online practices, and organizational leadership. Outcomes of this certificate include an understanding of principles, philosophies and pedagogy of online learning; ability to evaluate learning theories and their use in online education, and analyze the effectiveness of various models of online education; ability to develop well-designed online course modules that incorporate best practices in online teaching and foster active learning communities; and an understanding of primary issues related to higher education management, governance, and leadership.

This graduate certificate requires completion of five online courses, each one 8-weeks long. It can be started in fall and completed in eleven months by taking one course at a time. To begin progress on this certificate this fall, your first course would begin in late October. To begin in the second fall session your first course would begin in February.

* Start in October (Fall) and finish by mid August (at the end of the first summer session) (11 mo)
* Start at the end of February (Spring) and finish the following February (one year)
* Start at the end of June (Summer) and finish the following June (one year)

15 Credit Certificate: 5 core courses

The five online courses are:
MHE 622 Foundations of Online Learning (fall session 1)
MHE 505 Organization and Governance of Higher Education (fall session 2)
MHE 632 Building Online Learning Communities (spring session 1)
MHE 610 Higher Education Curriculum Development (spring session 2)
MHE 628 Designing and Teaching Online Courses (summer session 1)

Gainful Employment
Bay Path University is required to provide detailed information about the gainful employment of our students who enroll in certificate programs. These disclosures will assist students in making informed enrollment decisions with regards to the possible employment opportunities that accompany each of the certificate programs. Learn More