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Enrollment Management Certificate

Bay Path University Curriculum. 
The Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certificate.

Applicable immediately to today’s Enrollment Management environment, Bay Path's Certificate in Enrollment Management focuses on distinctly relevant cutting-edge practices in the following areas: key enrollment management principles and practices, financial aid, technology, retention, marketing, and strategic enrollment management planning.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a premier enrollment management firm, recognizes the acquisition of specific key enrollment management competencies with its "Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certificate in Enrollment Management." Students who successfully complete this six-course series in enrollment management receive Bay Path's Certificate in Enrollment Management as well as, the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certificate in Enrollment Management.

• 18 Credit Certificate - 6 core courses
• Courses are offered 100% online
• Classes begin every February, June, and October


Curriculum & Schedules

Code Course Name Credit Hours
MHE627 Enrollment Management Principles & Practices 3

A comprehensive overview of the field of enrollment management, this course examines how enrollment management strategies shape the recruitment and retention practices within educational institutions. Students will learn or deepen their understanding of concepts, practices, and techniques associated with successful enrollment management. Students will create a written analysis of an actual enrollment plan that includes marketing, communication, recruitment, and retention strategies.

MHE645 Higher Education Marketing & Communications 3

Students will explore how targeted communications and marketing strategies support an institution’s enrollment management goals. Students will apply marketing best practices and research to enrollment management, examine the use of different technologies in marketing to prospective students, and explore methods for evaluating a strategic enrollment plan. Students will create communications goals and strategies, integrate technology tools into an enrollment communications strategy, and assess the effectiveness of a strategic enrollment communications plan.

MHE652 Essentials of College Student Retention 3

Students in this course will explore the fundamentals of retention theory and research and the tools needed to develop and manage an effective retention plan for an institution of higher education. They will examine the factors that may cause students to leave, but more importantly, they will study the factors of what makes students stay. Students will practice techniques through the development of a comprehensive retention plan for a college or university.

MHE654 Technology Applications to Enrollment Management 3

Students in this course will analyze the role technology plays in the effective management of enrollment at colleges and universities. In addition to understanding current technology applications, students will explore emerging and future technologies. Topics include relational database management, communication systems, statistical modeling in recruitment and retention, and web-based and social media technologies. Students will create a strategic technology plan for a college or university.

MHE656 Financial Assistance in Higher Education 3

In this course students will examine the evolution, current status, and emerging trends of student financial aid in the United States. They will explore characteristics of effectively administered financial assistance programs at colleges and universities. Topics include the history of financial aid, the relationship of college costs and pricing strategies, the role of financial aid in managing enrollments, compliance with regulations and laws, and ethical issues. Students will create a case study for a fictitious university and develop strategic financial aid recommendations for improved enrollment at this university.

MHE658 Strategic Planning for Enrollment Management 3

As the capstone certificate course, this course provides theoretical and practical guidance on the strategic enrollment planning process, which includes enrollment data analyses, alignment of academic and co-curricular programs, enrollment strategies and goals, and key performance indicators. Students will create a comprehensive and multi-faceted strategic enrollment management plan for an actual institution.