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Healthcare Management (MS) Mission and Values Statements

Program Mission

The healthcare management program seeks to prepare graduate students for careers as managers and leaders in healthcare systems by providing the theoretical foundations for evidenced-based solutions, leadership, business administration, organizational behavior and excellence, and customer service through exemplary online instruction. 

Program Values

  • Excellence—Valuing excellence means setting the highest standards for our students, faculty, and program. To that end, we encourage and acknowledge achievement and accountability.
  • Innovation—Change is both expected and welcomed; we encourage flexibility, initiative and creative thinking in both classroom and program activities.
  • Professionalism—Personal integrity, ethical behavior, service, and professional development are qualities integral to the success of our students.
  • Collaboration—Cooperation, respect and being part of a team are central to our classroom and program activities.
  • Diversity—Valuing different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches combine to create optimal learning experiences for our students and faculty.
  • Lifelong Learning—A commitment to lifelong learning is essential in order to continuously develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required by the dynamic and changing health care sector.