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The Path Forward

Graduate Tuition

For the 2021-2022 academic year the tuition and fees are:

Accounting (MS) $855/credit
Applied Behavior Analysis (MS) $735/credit
Applied Data Science (MS) $880/credit
Applied Laboratory Science & Operations (MS) $890/credit
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS/EdS) $895/credit
Creative Nonfiction Writing (MFA) $775/credit
Cybersecurity Management (MS) $880/credit
Developmental Psychology (MS) $895/credit
Digital Marketing (MS) $830/credit
Early Childhood Education (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
Elementary Education (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
English as a Second Language (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
Entrepreneurial Thinking & Innovative Practices (MBA) $855/credit
Genetic Counseling (MS) $1,160/credit ($68,440 tuition + fees)
Health Science Doctorate (DHSc) $995/credit
Healthcare Management (MS) $750/credit
Higher Education Administration (MS) $830/credit
Higher Education Leadership & Organizational Studies Doctorate (EdD) $995/credit + fees
Leadership & Negotiation (MS) $860/credit
Learning, Design, & Technology (MS) $815/credit
Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy (MS) $720/credit
Nursing Practice Doctorate (DNP) $995/credit
Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Please see program homepage for a complete estimated cost breakdown) $1,030/credit
Occupational Therapy Bridge (MOT) (Please see program homepage for a complete estimated cost breakdown) $865/credit Track 1 
$1,030/credit Track 2
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) $1,040/credit
Physician Assistant Studies (MS)*

$112,770 tuition (includes $9,000 clinical fee) for 24 month program or $17,295/trimester

Public Health (MPH) $790/credit
Reading & Literacy Instruction (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
Special Education (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
Special Education Administrator (MSEd/EdS) $550/credit
Strategic Fundraising & Philanthropy (MS) $720/credit

*Please Note: Tuition and fees for the PA program are estimated for the 24 months as tuition is subject to change for 2022-2023.

PA Students can expect to spend upward of $1,500 for textbooks and educational resources throughout the program.

PA Students are also required to purchase an equipment kit which will be used in the instruction of history and physical examination techniques. The cost of the equipment kit is approximately $1,000. Some students may elect to purchase additional equipment in the clinical phase of the program. All costs are the responsibility of the student.

Indirect Costs are defined as expenses you will incur that are not billed by the University. These charges include books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. The cost to students will vary depending upon the number of courses taken during the semester and the student’s program of study.

The Trustees of Bay Path University reserve the right to change tuition and fee rates and to make additional charges within the University whenever such action is deemed necessary.