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Bashevkin Center for Academic Excellence

The mission of the Bashevkin Center for Academic Excellence is to assist students of Bay Path University in becoming more independent and successful learners, equipped with the knowledge of their abilities in order to gain a deeper educational experience.

The Center seeks to assist students in strengthening their skills in various content areas, as well as helping them to develop important skills in time management, learning and study strategies. The Center welcomes students of all abilities and serves as an initial contact for those with learning differences. 

Tutoring Program

The Bashevkin Centers provides a variety of tutoring assistance, including:

  • Individual and small group peer tutoring
  • Student-led study groups
  • Writing Support

Individualized assistance is arranged by appointment through an online scheduling system. Peer tutoring provides assistance for students demonstrating a need for course content support. Study groups are arranged to provide additional support in difficult courses at the request of student or the instructor. Tutors who work in the center have received specialized training, have demonstrated strong academic skills, and have been recommended by faculty.

Workshop Series

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, the Bashevkin Center hosts workshops that go beyond specific course content and assist in the development of abilities such as critical thinking, analytical reading and writing, time management, and exam preparation.

Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches at Bay Path assist students in developing study strategies, exam prep strategies, improving reading comprehension or overcoming writer’s block. In addition, individualized note taking techniques, time management, and organizational skills can be discussed through one-on-one appointments. Academic Coaches are available in the areas of general academic support, writing, mathematics, and MTEL preparation to assist students in improving their academic performance.

Professional Tutors

Professional Tutors are available for support in general writing and English as a Second Language (ESL) writing support.

Student Accessibility Services

Bay Path University is committed to providing equal access to all students in all programs. Students with disabilities who wish to request reasonable accommodations should register with Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible after acceptance to Bay Path. 

The University provides a variety of services to students with disabilities based on individual documentation and need. The responsibility of the University is to provide reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis and to afford equal opportunity for student participation in the University's programs, activities, and services unless doing so would compromise the academic integrity of the University or the student’s educational program, or impair the rights or opportunities of other students.