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Health Informatics Certificate

Bay Path University's Certificate in Health Informatics is designed for those seeking education and training focusing on electronic medical-health related data that is generated and stored in health care and public health organizations.

The certificate focuses on the areas of
• Electronic information systems and applications
• Data collection and analysis
• Program design
• Implementation, management and the application of the systems to the patient
• How clinical components of patients’ care are managed and structured in the electronic health record (EHR)

• 12 credit certificate - 4 core courses
• courses are taught 100% online 
• Classes begin every february, june, and october

did you know? STUDENTS CAN COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM OR USE THEIR CERTIFICATE COURSEWORK TO CONTINUE AT BAY PATH TO COMPLETE THE Ms in Healthcare Management - health informatics concentration or the doctor of health science - health informatics management concentration.

Curriculum & Schedules

Code Course Name Credit Hours
HCM620 Health Data Management 3

This course introduces data management and database technologies, including relational database systems and the structured query language (SQL). In addition, data warehousing and more analytic databases also are introduced, along with online analytic processing (OLAP) tolls to support decision making. Data quality issues, emerging cloud databases and other special topics will round out the coverage. Finally, the course offers a brief introduction to data mining techniques.

HCM622 Heath Informatics Systems and Data Infrastructure 3

This course discusses the system analysis lifecycle; planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of healthcare software. Database technologies, programming languages (SQL, Java) and how they are used to structure the software will be explored. Development of network principles, design methods as well as system integration tools to exchange data in a secure manner are reviewed. Key concepts of business continuity, technical security, data mining, maintenance, virtual network and disaster recovery will complete the course.

HCM623 Health Informatics System Application 3

This course provides students with an understanding of how health informatics systems are implemented and used by clinicians to improve the quality and safety of patient centered care. Methods of how HIM Systems are used to exchange data between a variety of Healthcare organizations will be reviewed. Students will learn about Health Information Exchange (HIE), Population Health, disease mapping, analytics and healthcare trends.

INF656 Cybersecurity 3

This course defines security and risk management principles using the context of a wireless network computer environment. Students will have the opportunity through case studies and guest speakers to investigate more fully issues such as how security threats are handled for computer operating systems and network environments by considering security regulations, cryptography, and business practices for electronic commerce.