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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"I had the most amazing experience with my undergraduate degree. When it was time for my graduate degree, I decided to return to Bay Path and the MS in Healthcare Management program was amazing. From the very first class, I knew this was the right move for me. It felt like the program was custom designed to fit my needs and career goals. I've gained knowledge, confidence, and friends through this transformative experience." - Khadine Allen '17 G'24

"When I took on my current role, I discovered that I needed a business or business type degree. My three children were young at the time and I wasn't sure I could handle going back to school. But, Bay Path's 100% online program was flexible and therefore feasible as I wanted to ensure I could do this on my own time and that my kids wouldn't be impacted.

The Organizational Excellence concentration provided a foundation for what I do at work, which serves me wonderfully. I'm able to get an idea off the ground, communicate it properly, and see it through. I had a spectacular experience with the program and recognize that this degree has opened doors to future, higher level opportunities."  - Jessica Vital-Carona G'23

"I've always liked to picture myself as a leader and motivator. I believe this program really tied that into the healthcare field which truly is a passion of mine. Best of both worlds, right? A big plus is that I found the program to be quite flexible. I was able to work two jobs and complete my master's degree in a little under two years. It really was the perfect program to combine my passions while fitting into my busy schedule." - Tony Elias G'24

"The MS in Healthcare Management program has been an amazing learning experience. Being able to collaborate with experienced healthcare professionals as instructors and learn from supportive peers from diverse professional backgrounds has created a rich learning environment. The flexibility of the online courses and the preparation the program provides is second to none. The program has developed my knowledge and skills to be confident and prepared as a future leader in Healthcare." - Christina Jenne 

"I aspire to hold a leadership position and this program will help me get promoted. With each course, professors not only taught the straightforward material, they incorporated activities that taught us how to deal with people. The program is not just taking tests online, it's about developing a true understanding and application of the material." - Amy Pereira G'20

"I feel that I made the right choice in choosing Bay Path. The combination of all of the aspects of the program come together perfectly. I have had nothing but positive encounters with the faculty. Dr. DeVito in particular is completely committed to her work and the success of each and every student. She is responsive and fair, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. All of the other professors were just as committed and knowledgeable. They all wanted to see me succeed and grow from the experience." - Trina Moskal G'20