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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni news, and experiences in the program and how it has affected their lives.

NSGC 2019
Program faculty Janice Berliner and Colleen Dougherty, along with Bay Path MSGC alum Megan Parker, with faculty from the Boise State University Genetic Counseling Training Program giving a presentation at the recent conference of the National Society of Genetic Counselors entitled, Seriously, can online education work for genetic counseling? Adapting to the demands of training more (and diverse) genetic counselors.

NSGC 2019
First annual Bay Path University MSGC Program Reunion at NSGC. Pictured here are program faculty Janice Berliner, Colleen Dougherty and Dr. Susan Capasso, along with both second year students and recent alumni.

"Even though I knew Genetic Counseling would touch on so many of my passions, a career change at 40 was very intimidating, and seemed impossible at times. But Bay Path's hybrid online program eliminated many of the logistical variables for a non-traditional student like me. The training has been excellent, and I landed the job of my dreams." - Page Brody G'19