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Genetic Counseling In the News

News highlights about Bay Path's Genetic Counseling program, events, students, alumni, and faculty

Congratulations to the MS in Genetic Counseling Class of 2023!






















Janice Berliner was chosen as the 2021 winner of the Diane Baker Alumni Lecture and Award, which honors graduates who are leaders in the genetic counseling field and embody the ambition and ideals of the University of Michigan's Genetic Counseling Program, honoring Diane’s contributions to the genetic counseling program during her years of leadership in the Department of Human Genetics and the profession at large. Janice traveled to Ann Arbor, MI, in December 2021 to give a talk to the current genetic counseling students and faculty.

Janice Berliner co-authored a chapter, Genetic Counseling: A Rapidly Expanding Profession, in Advising and Developing the Pre-Health Professional Student, Lisa Schwartz and Rohini Ganjoo, Eds. The George Washington University Press.

Dr. Susan Capasso presented at Pink Aid Conference in Connecticut on Genetic Testing in Breast Cancer, June 2022.

Dr. Susan Capasso participated as a NECHE site visitor at Colby Sawyer College in New London, NH, October 2021 and at Curry College in Milton, MA, March, 2022.

Dr. Susan Capasso co-authored Perceived Impact of Educational Environment on Providing Care for Diverse Populations in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning with Pharmacy Faculty at Western New England University.

Dr. Susan Capasso evaluated Newborn Screening Grant Applications as a member of the CT Department of Public Health Newborn Screening Advisory Board.

Ed Kloza co-authored Palomaki G, Eklund EE, Kloza EM, Lambert-Messerlian GM (2022) Assessment of a Simplified Cell-Free DNA Method for Prenatal Down Syndrome Screening. Clinical Chemistry, 00:0 (1-10).

Megan Tucker co-authored Groepper D, MacCarrick G, Demo EM, Thomas MJ, Wilkes MJ, Lyons MJ, Tucker ME, Steding C, Fleischer J, Deanna F (2022). Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Caused by 1q41 Deletion Including TGFB2 is Associated with a Neurodevelopmental Phenotype. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 188(7):2237-2241.

Megan Tucker co-authored Brooks K, Steding C, Holman M, Gonser R, and Tucker M (2022). A Founder CHEK2 Pathogenic Variant in Association with Kidney Cancer. Cancer Genetics, 262-263:40-42.

Let's hear it for The Gene Team from Bay Path University's MSGC program that participated in the University's Carpe Diem Dash!

Kim Faria G'22, Heather Hinton G'23, Olivia Riccio G'23, Haley Fryer G'23, Derek Ansel G'23, and Janice Berliner, program director.

NSGC 2019
Program faculty Janice Berliner and Colleen Dougherty, along with Bay Path MSGC alum Megan Parker, with faculty from the Boise State University Genetic Counseling Training Program giving a presentation at the recent conference of the National Society of Genetic Counselors entitled, Seriously, can online education work for genetic counseling? Adapting to the demands of training more (and diverse) genetic counselors.

NSGC 2019
First annual Bay Path University MSGC Program Reunion at NSGC. Pictured here are program faculty Janice Berliner, Colleen Dougherty and Dr. Susan Capasso, along with both second year students and recent alumni.