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The Path Forward

Q & A with Janice Berliner

Program Director Janice Berliner, MS, LCGC, has served on the boards of directors of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and the American Board of Genetic Counseling, as well as the editorial board of the Journal of Genetic Counseling. To her students at Bay Path, she brings 29 years of experience as a clinical counselor in prenatal genetics and cancer risk assessment. Off campus she enjoys exercising, volunteering, spending time with family, editing, and writing. Berliner edited Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics and Genetic Counseling: Principles through Case Scenarios (2014), and published her first novel, Brooke's Promise, about a family drama involving a genetic condition. Her second novel, In Good Conscience, will be published in the fall, 2021.

What do you love about Genetic Counseling?

It’s the perfect mix of fascinating, ever-changing science and counseling services for patients and families facing potential crises. I can't think of another profession with this marriage of science and art, allowing us to be translators for people facing scary, life-altering diagnoses.

What’s the value of an MS in Genetic Counseling?

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Genetic Counseling?

  • For our entirely online curriculum. It not only makes the program accessible to students who can’t attend an on-site program but gives students the online skills to succeed in TeleHealth (accessing and managing health care information remotely) -- increasingly important in genetics and most other health professions.
  • For the community spirit created through online role-plays, group projects, and two campus weekends each year. Students describe a close feeling of camaraderie despite the miles that separate them most of the time.