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Genetic Counseling (MS) Program Requirements

Genetic Counseling Program Graduation Requirements for academic year 2023-24: 

This is a 21-month program incorporating 59* credits over five semesters. Students must earn a grade of B or better in each course, and a B average in the program, to be in good academic standing. Students may place out of up to two courses if they have taken equivalent courses in the past. These must be reviewed and approved by program leadership prior to matriculation.

The following are required for graduation from the Bay Path University's Genetic Counseling Program:

  1. Successful completion of all didactic coursework.
  2. Demonstration of proficiency in all Genetic Counseling Practice-Based Competencies.
  3. Successful completion of all clinical, laboratory and supplemental rotations.
  4. Submission of all required clinical evaluation and logbook forms.
  5. Successful completion of Capstone research project.
  6. Demonstration of professional behavior and attitude consistent with the Program Code of Conduct (Appendix G) as documented by the Professional Assessment Tool (Appendix D).
*starting with the 2024 - 2025 academic year, the program will incorporate 63 credits.

Bay Path University Graduation Requirements: Students are responsible for knowing and meeting the University’s graduation requirements in a specific degree program. To qualify for any degree, the candidate must:

  1. Complete all degree requirements specified by the degree program within the time allotted by the statute of limitations;
  2. Meet the residency requirement of successfully completing a minimum of two-thirds of the degree Bay Path University;
  3. Achieve Bay Path’s minimum cumulative grade point average for graduate students (3.0);
  4. Complete the Graduation Application and Graduating Student Survey sent to prospective graduating students during their final academic year.

Please visit the MS in Genetic Counseling program page to learn about the curriculum, faculty, program options, and more!