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Calculus Review Course

Bay Path University is offering a Self-guided Calculus Review Course

Due to the higher level of mathematics required by the courses in the Specialist Track of our Applied Data Science program and our belief that a stronger overall mathematics background will prepare our students better for future challenges in the field of Data Science, Bay Path University has developed a self-guided calculus review course, with topics picked to be especially relevant to Data Science.

This Calculus Review Course:

  • Uses a popular and authoritative textbook that covers all main topics in single and multi-variable calculus: Thomas's Calculus (14th edition) by Pearson
  • Utilizes the online platforms Mymathlab and Canvas, which offer rich study material such as videos and step-to-step guide to all exercises, as well as online homework help, discussion boards, etc.
  • Is self-paced, while being monitored by the program director,
  • Is offered for free to anyone who is interested in our ADS program (you do not need to be enrolled at Bay Path University to participate in this course), and to everyone who is already in the ADS program. The only cost will be that of the textbook ($105).