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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"I gained practical experience applying a diverse set of data science skills and was able to build a diverse portfolio." - Aspen Gulley G'23

Completing the ADS program has provided me with proficiency in essential data science methodologies and programming languages, including R, Python, SQL, and Tableau. Additionally, the program's flexibility allowed me to select project subjects aligned with my interests, fostering hands-on learning experiences. Through these projects, I gained practical experience applying a diverse set of data science skills and was able to build a diverse portfolio.

In addition to technical skills, the program fostered my resourcefulness and instilled in me the ability to learn independently. This skill set will be instrumental as I continue to pursue learning in the field of data science and adapt to the evolving industry.

I also gained mentorship, support, and guidance from the professors in the ADS program, which played a vital role in my personal and professional growth. These professors served as supportive mentors, creating an environment that fostered my development and boosted my confidence in my abilities.

"Data is everywhere, and with an MS in Applied Data Science, my technical and diverse skills are in demand across industries." - Stefan Magel G’18

Bay Path University graduate student Stefan Magel G’18 moved from equity trading to applied data science.  Read his story.

"This program has already helped me with my career goals because before I even finished my degree at Bay Path, I received a job offer with Pfizer, Inc." - Eric Ngomba G'18

"This program grounded me in three key data science programming languages like SAS, R, and Python, which I use every day in my job. From building reports and presenting facts to study teams during clinical trials, this program enhanced my data exploitation and visualization skills using marketplace software programs." 

"This program will help with my ultimate career goal of becoming a data scientist."
-Kristen Rezac G'19

 "In order to accomplish my career advancement, I need to enhance my basic tool knowledge (SQL,R, Python), gain more confidence and skill in statistical approaches, and strengthen my way of handling data both visually and mentally."

"This program increased my knowledge of data science concepts. I didn't have any experience with Python, R or SAS before starting the program. Now, I’m quite proficient." - Olaleye Ajibola, G'20

"I chose this program at Bay Path because it met all of my criteria: completely online, reasonably priced, the ability to interact with other students and faculty, experienced and diverse faculty, and a well-rounded and complete curriculum." 

Please visit the MS in Applied Data Science program page to learn about the two tracks, curriculum, faculty, program options, and more!