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Curriculum & Schedules

The MS in Applied Data Science degree from Bay Path University consists of 30 credits, 10 courses, and is offered completely online. 

Our students come from a diverse backgrounds, with experience in social sciences, life sciences, management, and economics, as well as, more technical areas such as mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Both our Generalist Track and Specialist Track offer a broad curriculum that covers all of the major topics in data science.

Choose from two tracks:

  • Generalist Track prepares our students to be well-rounded and skillful data scientists and data analysts, regardless of their background.  
  • Specialist Track prepares students to take on more data-centric roles on a data science team. 

Students will choose their track at the end of the first course, ADS 521 Foundation of Data Science, which combines an introduction to data science and a comprehensive math review.

Curriculum and Schedules

The Curriculum and Schedules can be found in our online graduate course catalog.

Calculus Review: The core courses in our specialist track are calculus-based. If you want to brush up on your knowledge of calculus, please consider our Calculus Review Course