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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MS in Applied Data Science program are expected to demonstrate achievement in all areas of the program. Specifically, graduates of the program are expected to: 

  • Apply mathematical principles to the analysis of data
  • Analyze very large data sets in the context of real world problems
  • Develop and implement data analysis strategies base on theoretical principles, ethical considerations, and detailed knowledge of the underlying data
  • Demonstrate an ability to articulate, assess and apply appropriate theories and principles of information management
  • Demonstrate presentation proficiency for written, oral and visual communications in the contest of traditional and digital forms of communication
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying principles and evaluation methods for analyzing information for financial decision-making, investing capital, budgeting and forecasting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of data, information and communications and its influence on incremental and disruptive innovation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate research methods used to collect and analyze data for decision-making and communications; inclusive of traditional and digital forms of communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural and global perspectives as they apply to all forms of enterprise, the management of information, and communications with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Articulate and evaluate appropriate legal and ethical standards pertaining to all forms of communications and network security

Watch this Video to See an Example of one of our Student's Capstone Presentation

Please visit the MS in Applied Data Science program page to learn about the two tracks, curriculum, faculty, program options, and more!