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Accounting (MS) Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MS in Accounting program are expected to demonstrate achievement in all areas of the program. Specifically, graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the ethical framework for the accounting
    profession and respond to ethical dilemmas;
  • Apply appropriate research methods to choose appropriate courses of action related to accounting or auditing standards and tax issues;
  • Explain the various organizational forms of business entities from an operating,
    reporting and income tax perspective, and the treatment of special circumstances unique to each form of organization;
  • Analyze and resolve complex business problems and effectively communicate, both
    orally and in writing, resolutions with reference to appropriate supporting materials;
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on accounting and auditing standards and demonstrate the ability to establish policies and procedures to comply with the requirements of the Act;
  • Analyze and articulate the implications of business decisions and transactions as they relate to accounting or auditing standards and taxation to non-accounting professionals;
  • Articulate an understanding of the reporting challenges faced by multinational
    organizations and the impact of international accounting standards on the future of
    accounting standards in the United States;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the ethical expectations of the profession